'Baby knot' small travel size.

'Double-Knot' medium size ideal for versatile use.

'Original Knot' large size designed for the best hugs.

'Big Boy Knot' a generous body pillow for ultimate relaxation.


For eco-friendly care, we suggest spot cleaning your product as it is a more sustainable approach. Create a mild cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of gentle detergent with water. Ensure it's suitable for delicate fabrics, and gently dab the spot with a cloth or sponge, let air dry. If unsure, consider taking the cushion to a professional dry cleaner for expert care.

MWBE stands for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise, recognizing businesses owned by minorities or women in the U.S.

We ship internationally via UPS. Please note that customers are responsible for covering international shipping costs and any applicable fee's and duties.

You can return or exchange within 7 days of receiving your product, but you'll need to cover any additional shipping costs.

Our products are crafted using locally sourced materials from the NY area. We use a combination of dead stock fabrics and new hypoallergenic polyfill. Additionally, each product features an invisible zipper and comes with a branded label.

Dead stock fabrics are leftover materials from the fashion industry, repurposed to reduce waste. This sustainable choice helps minimize environmental impact by conserving resources and supporting a circular economy.